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Starship Tempest

Nov 17, 2021

Join Brian and Travis in the first of a series of Kobayashi Maru one shot scenarios GMed by Travis. This week see how Brian fares against Travis' version of the no win scenario and in the coming weeks, tune in for other players and patreon supporters!

Nov 10, 2021

Enjoy this introduction to a podcast produced by dear friends and supporters of Starship Tempest, the incredible (and award winning!) storytellers at Hartlife NFP!

Welcome to Mt. Absalom, the small town setting of "Unwell" a midwestern gothic mystery about conspiracies, ghosts, and unusual families of both blood and...

Nov 3, 2021

Join the Tempest players on a series of one shots GMed by Travis, where he puts the various players and some patreon supporters through his own version of the infamous Kobayashi Maru tests. This first episode is an introduction discussion and the play sessions themselves will be released in the coming weeks.