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Starship Tempest

Jan 26, 2022

The Tempest tracks down a Klingon courier ship that will hopefully have the information they're looking for. But will they be able to get it off without revealing themselves to the ship's crew and, as a result, the whole Klingon fleet?

Jan 19, 2022

In this supplemental episode, join Brian as he interviews Kevin Jardin, the person behind the @galaxy_map Twitter account, a project taking some of the latest telescope data and using it to create more detailed maps of the Milky Way galaxy than has ever been possible before.

Jan 12, 2022

Starfleet Intelligence calls upon the Tempest for another mission crucial to the security of the Federation. The Klingons may be preparing to invade and it's up to the Tempest crew to sneak into Klingon space and confirm whether or not an invasion is imminent and if the Federation is in fact the target.

Jan 5, 2022

Join Katie, another Starship Tempest Patreon supporter, as she takes Travis' version of the infamous Kobayashi Maru test.